Quicken for Mac 2018

Noted among the top finance management software, the Quicken software is available in different versions which are compatible with different devices and operating system. The Quicken software is equally popular among the windows users as well as among the Mac users. You have different versions of the software for operating it on a windows and a Mac device. Not only have that, the Quicken software also had a mobile version as well which is there in the form of an application which you can use to manage your finance issues on the go. The Quicken Mac 2018 is the latest edition of the software for Mac devices in particular. Here we are going to provide some highlights of the version which make it a very popular choice.

New features of the software


  • The Quicken Mac 2018 version is loaded with new features as well and improved versions of the old features. It is now easier to operate and you can get all kind of solution to financial matters related to keeping track and organizing the software.
  • The bugs from the earlier versions have been fixed thoroughly and any trouble with the bugs can be sorted quickly in the new features.
  • The option forĀ  Quicken Technical Support Number is strong enough and you can easily rely on them whenever you have any trouble with understanding the features of the software.
  • The Mac version is very popular and the latest version is compatible with the latest Mac features which are being developed. However it is designed such that it is compatible with older versions of the Mac devices as well.

Troubles with the version


  • One of the major troubles that the users of the Quicken software can face is the trouble with compatibility. Since this is the latest version of the software and equipped with all kinds of latest feature it may not be compatible with all the versions of the devices from Mac that is available.
  • The software is large and hence can face storage trouble and slow down the device if it is not compatible with the device. This can lead to crashing of the device from time to time.

Facing such troubles with the Quicken 2018 version for Mac is possible but with the right kind of troubleshooting services you can easily manage the troubles in minimum time possible and you can smoothly access the software any time you need it.

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