How to Install Intuit Quicken for Windows 2018 and Mac?

Quicken is a product from Intuit and it is basically known as financial management tool which also provides excellent convenience in the process of budgeting management. Today, inflation has turned a big thing for individuals as well as organizations. We make plenty of expenses on daily basis. As we make expenses, we find that money is flowing away from our pocket into insignificant things. It is important to make expenses more strategic as well as meaningful, if you are serious about managing your monthly or daily expenses. As budgeting management software, Quicken comes with a lot of features and facilities. So, using this tool is definitely helpful.

To use this software, you need to purchase it as it is premium tool. Quicken is available for Windows and Mac users. After purchasing, you need to download it and then installation process will be started. In the following section, let us find complete guidance for installing this software.

Downloading Quicken

Before going to installation, we have to analyze download process at the first place. For downloading this tool, you need to have steady internet connection. Apart from that, downloading the right patch as per your operating system is important. This is where people make mistakes and they have to face various errors. If you are Windows user, you should download patch for Windows. If you are Mac computer user, you should download patch for Mac then call Quicken Technical Support Team.

Installation for Windows

To install this tool for Windows operating system, you need to follow the steps as given below.

  • At first explore downloaded Quicken files and click on “Setup”.
  • Installation wizard will be launched and you have to follow screen prompts carefully.
  • Installation will be started and you have to wait for some time till it gets finished.
  • When finished, you should click on “Finish” button.
  • Restart your computer and you are ready to use this tool.

Installation for Mac

The process of installing this software for Mac is similar to the process of installing it for Windows operating system. Here is the process for you.

  • Open download folder and find Quicken icon.
  • You just have to copy this file to program list of your Mac.
  • Installation will be started and it would hardly take a few seconds to be completed.

If you are getting technical issues or critical errors when following the steps as mentioned above for both Mac and Windows, you should get in touch with experts at Quicken Customer Care.


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